BSP & Addiction

1-day training

Training Overview
The training will introduce participants to the recently developed and enormously successful “BSP Crocodile set up” to help their addicted clients stop urges & cravings quickly, through brain changes, so deeper issues driving the addiction, can be addressed and resolved. This gives the addict even more advantage in recovery.

The training will also introduce the viewing of addiction through several different lenses:
• Addiction as Attachment
• Addiction as Ego State & Protector
• Addiction as Affect Regulation
• Addiction as attempt at Nervous System Dysregulation

Also covered:
• Neuroscience driving addiction relapse

There will be time for discussion, Q & A, along with a live demonstration of the "Crocodile Set Up" with participants having time to practice of set up in dyads, with full debrief afterwards.

Training Objectives
Through lecture, live demonstration and small group practice, participants will learn to do the following:

  1. Name and explain why areas in the brain of the addict are disconnected
  2. Understand the value of metaphor, story-telling, and the narrative therapy technique of 'externalizing the problem', in addiction recovery
  3. Use a well-developed metaphor – ‘The Crocodile’, to externalize their client's addiction and allow a good alliance/connection with therapist to begin
  4. Understand and begin to connect to and enlist the help of the "addict ego states" involved in the recovery goal
  5. Use Brainspotting in "The Crocodile Set Up" + other BSP skills to help addict prevent relapse and move forward into resolution of traumas and other issues which drive the addiction.

Your trainer: Dr Roby Abeles PsyD, LMFT (Calif.) PACFA (Australia)
After 20 years as a therapist in California, Roby Abeles set up Abeles Consulting in Sydney, Australia in 2002. She’s an International Brainspotting Trainer; Co- Founder of both Brainspotting Australia Pacific; and the MATES Brain Regulation Program, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), EMDR Approved Consultant, PACFA Approved Supervisor & HeartMath Coach. Also trained in IFS, Ego State Work, & Narrative Therapy. Roby provides consultation & supervision in Brainspotting to therapists world-wide.

Specialised BSP Training

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