Study-Networking Groups

The Study & Networking groups have been developed after requests from therapists we have trained in Brainspotting here in Australia who wanted more learning opportunities.

Study-Networking groups are approved by Dr David Grand, and the Brainspotting Training Institute, NY, USA

The goals of the groups are three fold:

  1. to allow for deeper, ongoing learning and understanding of BSP
  2. to further develop individual practitioner’s Brainspotting skills, competence and confidence
  3. a place to network with other like-minded Brainspotting practitioners

We will provide a variety of learning formats including;

  • Brainspotting International approved DVDs and other training materials
  • group case consult presentations
  • discussion on BSP related Q & A
  • shared updated information received from those attending International Training events
  • and specialised BSP “Set Ups” including the Crocodile Set Up, developed by Dr Roby Abeles, for use with Addictions and
  • the “Talking To The Stars” Set Up developed by Salene Souza for using BSP with children.

We will offer 6 of these meetings per year in both Sydney and Melbourne.
The Sydney meetings will be facilitated by BSP Trainers; either Salene Souza or Dr Roby Abeles.

The Melbourne meetings will be facilitated by BSP Supervisor and Expert Kaye Griffin, with BSP Trainers, Dr Roby Abeles and or Salene Souza joining the Melbourne group to co-facilitate as their travel and training schedules permit.

BSP Study-Networking Groups in Sydney & Melbourne

The cost of each 3.5 hour meeting is $110.00 and is to be paid in advance.

We are offering a saving of $50, if 3 meetings are purchased at once = $280 for 3 meetings.
Melbourne 3 session saver
Sydney 3 session saver

The time is roughy divided up as follows: 1.5 hours of study and learning together, 30 minutes of networking together, and another 1.5 hours of study and learning together.

We all bring a snack to share during the networking break. BSP Australia Pacific provide tea and coffee.

Supervision hours
One 3 hour Study & Networking Group meeting counts as One Hour of Supervision towards Certification.
Only 3 hours earned this way are allowable for Certification – a total of 3 BSP Study & Networking groups.
2 Individual Supervision hours are needed as well to complete the 5 hours of Supervision need for Certification.

The current meetings on offer are:

SYDNEY  1.30pm- 5.00pm

SYDNEY: Study & Networking Group

Study & Networking GroupsDates    Standard
SYDNEY: Study & Networking Group12th November, 2017$110.00Book Now


MELBOURNE  1.30pm – 4.30pm

MELBOURNE: Study & Networking Group

Study & Networking GroupsDates   Standard
MELBOURNE: Study & Networking Group24th September, 2017$110.00Book Now
MELBOURNE: Study & Networking Group12 November, 2017$110.00Book Now