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The role of Brainspotting Consultant through Brainspotting Australia Pacific is one that is achieved only through a direct invitation by the BSP Australia Pacific trainers. It is only offered on an as-needed basis.

Specific requirements for the role of Brainspotting Consultant are decided by each country offering Brainspotting training. Resultantly, these requirements vary from country to country.

Completion of any other country’s training program to become a BSP Consultant will NOT be accepted in the Australia Pacific Region.

To be accepted as a Brainspotting Consultant in the Australia Pacific Region, the Brainspotting trained therapist must:

  • Have completed the full BSP Australia Pacific training program
  • Be approved by Dr David Grand to enter the training program
  • Be approved by Dr David Grand and the BSP Australia Pacific Trainers as having completed the rigorous training program

Only Brainspotting Consultants/Experts and Brainspotting Trainers can provide Brainspotting Consultations and Brainspotting Supervision to other therapists in the Australia Pacific Region. Being a Certified Brainspotting therapist does not qualify a therapist to be supervising other therapists in the practice of Brainspotting.

So far, only two Australian Pacific Region therapists have reached a high enough level of expertise to be approved as Brainspotting Consultants.

They are Kaye Griffin and Noula Diamantopoulos.

  • To be considered for this high level of Brainspotting training, therapists must have been practising as psychotherapists/mental health clinicians for a minimum of ten years.
  • Once accepted into the training program, they are required to study many other modalities/areas of psychotherapy and neuroscience. If they do not already have specific training in these areas they will be required to acquire it as soon as possible.
  • They must acquire or have expert training in, amongst other areas;
    • All areas of trauma therapy; developmental trauma, PTSD, and C-PTSD including working with severe personality and attachment disorders and dissociative spectrum presentations.
    • They must have demonstrated proficiency in working with addictions/compulsive self-soothing strategies,
    • Interpersonal neurobiology
    • Polyvagal theory in clinical practice,
    • The neuroscience of Brainspotting as it relates to trauma and regulation.
    • In-depth understanding of the nervous system and its regulation & the Deep Dive MATES Brain Regulation Program are also aspects of the training program.
    • BSP Consultants have also studied all the content, and each PowerPoint slide, of all four phases of Brainspotting training modules taught by BSP Trainers (Phase 1 & 2) and also Phases 3 and 4 taught by David Grand.
    • Brainspotting Consultants have shown proficiency in all these areas as well as many others.
    • They have been practising as a Certified BSP therapist for several years, and have studied diligently and intensely over a minimum of one to two additional years with BSP Australia Pacific trainers.
    • BSP Consultants in the Australia Pacific Region have incorporated a wide variety of additional training into their knowledge base and skill set.
    • They have done this via reading articles and books, attending live training and webinars, as well as attending individual training with one of BSP Australia’s Pacific’s trainers on a weekly basis.
    • This has been done to deepen not just their Brainspotting skills but also expanding their breadth of knowledge of all areas of therapy required to be known as a Branspotting Consultant.
    • They show a deep passion for Brainspotting and are actively involved with increasing the reach of Brainspotting in Australia, as well as assisting the trainer during training days.
    • It is also required that BSP Consultants have done sufficient (and ongoing) personal therapy work to ensure that they are able to maintain regulation at all times during training days and when in Consultation with other practitioners as well as assisting other practitioners to do the same.
  • Initial acceptance into the Consultant training program must be approved by Dr David Grand.
  • Final acceptance as qualified Brainspotting Consultants to represent the Australia Pacific Region requires approval by Brainspotting developer Dr David Grand.


Kaye Griffin


Professional credentials: 

  • Masters degree in Psychotherapy
  • Graduate Diploma in Advanced Counselling
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Ego State Therapy
  • Specialist Certificate in Bereavement Counselling
  • TFT Diploma
  • Advanced Certificate in Supervision
  • Accredited EMDR Practitioner – Level 1 and 2, Master Class
  • IFS Therapist

Email: kayegriffin@mindmatterscounselling.com
Phone number: 0414 460 060 or 03 5367 8677
Address of practice: The Integrated Therapy Centre, 49 Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340 Australia
Website: mindmatterscounselling.com 

Kaye Griffin and Emmie, her Animal Assisted Therapy partner.


Noula Diamantopoulos



Professional credentials: 

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Holistic Counselling & Process Oriented Psychotherapy
  • Brainspotting Consultant & Supervisor
  • EMDR Practitioner
  • PACFA Supervisor

Email: training@brainspottingaustraliapacific.com.au
Mobile number: +1 (0)418 480 587

Practice Address: Studio Noula: 747 Darling Street, Rozelle, NSW 2047

Website: http://www.nouladiamantopoulos.com

Noula Diamantopoulos – BSP TRAINER IN TRAINING

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