Leichhardt – Dave Howsam

Addresses of Practice:

10 Marion St.
Leichhardt NSW 2040

BSP Level: Certified BSP therapist

Certified BSP therapists have achieved a minimum of 50 clients sessions using Brainspotting, and have had a minimum of 5 supervision sessions to show competence in all the Brainspotting skills in Phases One & Two.

Completed Trainings:

  • Phases One & Two
  • Generational Brainspotting with Dr Ruby Gibson
  • BSP and Ego States and Dissociation with Dr Andre Monteiro
  • BSP & Addiction with Dr Roby Abeles
  • 5 Day BSP Intensive with Dr David Grand [developer of BSP therapy)

Professional Credentials

  • MD General Practice
  • Psychologist

Membership Organisations:

  • APS

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