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If you choose a Brainspotting Practitioner from our pages, you are acknowledging that you have read the following disclaimer.
The Registrant's professional credentials and contact information are recorded here to assist you in making your selection for a provider in your area.
Brainspotting attracts experienced professionals as well as beginning students from a wide variety of healing and helping professions.
Many therapists who are competent in their respective professions, integrate Brainspotting into their work, as do students who are not yet experts in their fields of knowledge or practice.
We advise you to ask your therapy provider about their credentials, additional training, and number of years in practice as well as any other questions you would like to know to ascertain their professional knowledge and capabilities.
Brainspotting Australia Pacific cannot make assurances that the qualifications or services of any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual, nor that those qualifications are genuine.
Brainspotting Australia Pacific does not endorse any therapist listed on this Registry, it is up to the consumer of their services to check their credentials and professional capabilities and training through their published membership organisation.
Brainspotting Australia Pacific is not liable for any malpractice or neglect or other harm that using the services of those on this Register provides to any consumer finding them through this page or website.

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