Brainspotting Online Training

There are Two Phases in the basic/intermediate Brainspotting training schedule, and several more advanced training opportunities

  1. Phase One (Beginning, 3 days) BSP Trainee
  2. Phase Two (Intermediate, 3 days) BSP Practitioner

More Advanced training:

Phase 3 & 4 (Advanced: 3 days each) taught by Dr David Grand

Master Class This 3 day Master Class provides the opportunity for expanded groups to study the most advanced, creative clinical applications of Brainspotting. Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2 are required for attendance in Australia.

Intensive training – limited to a max of 10-12 participants and one trainer. Intensive use and training of BSP skills.

BSP & Addictions – developed by Dr Roby Abeles

BSP for Children – “Talking to the Stars” developed by Salene Souza

BSP for Trans-Generational Trauma – developed by Dr Ruby Gibson

BSP for Dissociation and Ego States – developed by Dr Andre Monteiro


Levels of training

BSP Certified Practitioners have completed an in-person Phases 1 & 2 training, and have documented a minimum of 50 client hours using BSP. They have had a minimum of 6 Consultation sessions with an approved BSP Consultant/or BSP Trainer, the last session of which included a review of all concepts and set-ups taught in Phase One and Two.

Re-certification is required every 2 years + 100 additional documented hours with clients, PLUS one hour of supervision with a BTI Trainer or Consultant

BSP Consultant  Aside from BSP Trainers, BSP Consultants are the only therapists trained in BSP who are qualified able to provide BSP Consultation/Supervision groups and individual consultation for those wanting to become Certified.

Please see link for complete information and requirements.

BSP Trainer – All International Trainers are personally chosen and trained by Dr David Grand himself. These therapists are the most highly trained in the use of BSP. They are able to provide BSP Consultation/Supervision groups and individual consultation for those wanting to become Certified BSP Practitioners. Many trainers have been using BSP for over 15 years – since Dr Grand first started training other therapists in this work.

Dr Roby Abeles was personally trained in BSP by Dr Grand in 2004, and Salene Souza was personally trained by Dr Grand in 2009.  Both have been International BSP trainers since 2013.

All training provided by or organised by Brainspotting Australia Pacific, is approved by David Grand and the Brainspotting Training Institute (BTI) in New York, NY, USA. All training is taught in alignment with the way BSP Phase One and Two training are taught world-wide.

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