Brainspotting & Addictions with the “Crocodile” and “Hero’s Journey” Set-Ups


7th – 9th  February, 2020


Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia


Dr Roby Abeles

Seminar Overview:

Who this training is for:

  • Brainspotting professionals who have completed a minimum of an in-person Phase One Brainspotting training.
  • It is assumed attendees work in the field of Addiction Recovery and have basic or greater knowledge of the addiction field, and experience with clients who have addiction issues.
  • It is assumed you are trauma-informed in your work and preferably have specific training in trauma therapies.

The BSP & ADDICTIONS training with the CrocodileSet Up, and (NEW) Hero’s Journey Set-Up, will introduce participants to the recently developed and enormously successful “BSP Crocodile set up” (a Double Spot + Single Spot) to help their addicted clients stop urges & cravings quickly, through brain changes, and then imagine their future free of the addiction. This gives the addict a big advantage in achieving sobriety.

Still leaning into the power of Narrative therapy, the brand new Hero’s Journey process, with a Brainspotting MultiFocal Set Up, provides meaning from the adversity the client has been through, and reframes their addiction in a way that removes shame and provides a new view of what skills and qualities they learned that they can now use for the good of all concerned. This set up can be used with all clients not just those presenting with addiction issues.

The training will also introduce:

  • Various experts views on the definition of Addiction
  • Addiction as Emotional Regulation
  • Addiction & ACEs connections
  • Addiction as an attempt at Secure Attachment
  • Addiction as Disorganised Attachment
  • Reasons for teaching resources before using Crocodile set Up
  • Which Phase of Treatment to Use Crocodile Set Up
  • Neuroscience of addiction and neuroscience driving addiction relapse
  • The Benefit of Narrative therapy for addiction treatment
  • The Hero’s Journey Process as a way to provide meaning and a new view of the value of their client’s experiences

There will be a live demonstration of the full” Crocodile Set Up” – The Double Spot + The Expansion Spot – divided into 2 separate demos to provide a very clear demonstration of all facets of the Crocodile Set Up. Then the attendees will have an opportunity to practice the set up both as client and therapist in dyads with a full, big group debrief.

Day 3:
The brand new 3rd day of this training is devoted to an exploration of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth; The Hero’s Journey, as it applies not only to addiction issues but to all issues clients bring to therapy.

There will also be a live demonstration of The Hero’s Journey Multifocal Set-Uppartici. Participants will have time to practice the Hero’s Journey worksheet and Set-Up in dyads, first completing a worksheet of their own Hero’s Journey with focus on one area of their lives, and practice of the multifocal BSP set up, with a group debrief.

After this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Name and explain why areas in the brain of the addict are disconnected
  2. Understand the value of metaphor, story-telling, and the narrative therapy technique of ‘externalizing the problem’, in addiction recovery
  3. Use a well-developed metaphor – ‘The Crocodile’, to externalize their client’s addiction and allow a good trusting alliance/connection with therapist
  4. The role of continuous narrative in recovery
  5. Use Brainspotting in “The Crocodile Set Up” to help addict prevent relapse and move forward into resolution of traumas and other issues which drive the addiction
  6. Use The Hero’s Journey worksheet/process and MultiFocal Set Up with clients

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Dr Roby Abeles

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Trainer: Dr Roby Abeles PsyD, MA

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